Mikey The Skunk lives inside the trunk. He saves his biggest bottom blows for Vinny the Virus when he drives past in his green mini and for mean humans. He has big plans for his ‘scent’ business and Christmas selection boxes of chocolate bottom burps.



  • The tree is a Macrocarpa, more commonly known as Monterey Cypress
  • The tree is 10 metres tall 
  • It is believed to be around 200 years old
  • It is known locally as the Peace Tree or the Tree of Life
  • Tommy Craggs, the sculptor, used a chainsaw to create the animals
  • The tree celebrates the wildlife of Bull Island and St. Anne’s Park
  • Tommy is from the UK, so he stayed onsite at the Red Stables in St. Anne’s Park where the tree is located
  • Tommy had no overall plan when he began carving the tree.  He only knew which animal to carve when he removed the bark and saw the shape he had to work from
  • Commissioned by Dublin County Council, work started on the tree in 2014 and it took over 3 years to complete 
  • The tree was coated with oil upon completion
  • There is another magical carved tree in Oamaru, New Zealand