Mikey The Skunk lives inside the trunk. He saves his biggest bottom blows for Vinny the Virus when he drives past in his green mini and for mean humans. He has big plans for his ‘scent’ business and Christmas selection boxes of chocolate bottom burps.

The Audiobook

Our Audiobook is now available to listen to.

It’s super simple, all you have to do it press play.

Listen in Irish

Éist leis an leabhar as Gaeilge


ChildVision, a charity for visually impaired children, have collaborated with Debbie to create both Unified English Braille and Unified Irish Braille versions of the book, which are available to buy in our store. 

There is also one very special tactile book for storytimes in the ChildVision library: www.childvision.ie/resources/library 

A Special Thank You

I am very lucky to live near a couple who are in the music business, Jodi Trehy and Amy Creighton.

Amy was so obliging when I told her the story of the Tree by the Sea as it unfolded. She instantly offered to record the audio version of the story free of charge.

Amy loved the idea that children all over the globe could access the story aurally on Audible, or through our website. 

She worked with Jodi on the recording, and, in typical Amy style, brought so much joy to the words with her beautiful voice, as Jodi worked away in the background adding in the very cute sounds you can hear. My own favourite sound is the typewriter clattering away as the animals type their note to Tommy!

The Tree

Learn all about the real Tree by the Sea

The Author

Get to know more about the person behind the book 

The Characters

Meet all the characters in the book and get to know all of their stories.