Let’s Meet Our

Animal Friends


The Characters

Toowit & Toowoo, The Barn Owls

They teach many languages in all the schools near St. Anne’s Park. They also teach Owl. It is very handy to learn Owl, as you may need it if you meet an owl when you are out for a night hike. They are both very clever and love to teach children how to help save our planet.

Hannah The House Mouse

Hannah is Tommy Craggs treehouse mouse. She loves Katie’s Air Bee&Bee and stays there whenever Tommy is visiting. She makes Tommy his cheese sandwiches every day. She has to have a good nibble on each sandwich to check it is tasty enough for Tommy! Hannah loves kind children. When she sees a bully, she sends her mice friends to leave piles of mice droppings in their toothpaste tubes.

Helga Heron

Helga the Heron has long legs and two spectacular knobbly knees. She eats mussels and small crabs. She makes her home in the reeds in Dollymount. Her favourite takeout is from Fishbone and Mermaids at the Wooden Bridge.

Mikey The Skunk

Mikey lives inside the trunk. He thinks it is hilarious to do his biggest bottom blows in there and send the other animals scarpering in every direction. Mikey is hoping to set up a scent business for Christmas. He is sure everyone will love his little bottles of homemade organic scents as home deodorizers! He is planning selection boxes of chocolate bottom blows for boys only. He does not think girls will like them. His website is www.havesomesensebuymyscents.tree

Emma The Lark

Emma, the little Lark, has a beautiful singing voice. She is one of the stars of the animal tree choir. The lark’s family group name is a ‘Happiness’ of Larks. This is because they sing when they are in flight and it sounds so happy. Most other birds only sing when they are on a perch. 

Katie The Bee

Katie is the little brave Bee of the tree. Katie believes that sometimes you must be really brave to make change happen. This is why she offered to go across the sea to find Tommy Craggs and bring him back to save their home. Katie can buzz her wings 200 times in a second and she will make a teaspoon of honey in her life time. Katie runs the Air Bee&Bee of the tree and helps the other little bees with their candle wax bizzznezzz. She makes sure that only kind children get their wishes heard by the tree’s Wish Committee. She lives in a hive beside the big nest of Sophie the Swan. Bees are one of the most precious little animals on our planet. Katie is a very special little creature. Humans must look after bees to help our world to survive.

Tom Turtle

Little Tom Turtle is from Omey Island in Connemara. His cousins are all from the Galapagos islands, but Little Tom Turtle likes the big waves and the cold water of the Atlantic. His favourite restaurant is ‘The Allotments’ in St Annes Park. This famous restaurant has been awarded three Michelin Tyres. His very favourite meal is wilted lettuce with worm stew, drizzled with snail slime. Sometimes he brings his takeaway cup with him to get some of their delicious Seagull Dropping Smoothie Topped With Crushed Ant Poo. Little Tom Turtle loves all kinds of music. His favourite song is Baby Shark, but only the song. Real baby sharks scare him! Little Tom is so small, but he is kind and brave and he loves living in the tree.

Professor Tickle the Octopus

Professor Tickle is the big pink octopus of the tree. He has 8 arms, 9 brains, 3 hearts and blue blood, and gives big starry hugs to children when they are dreaming about their wishes. He is in love with Rosie the Strawberry Squid from the other side of the tree. They hold tentacles all day long. Rosie is planning their wedding very soon on Bull Island. The seamstress, Sasha the Butterfly, who lives in the tree, is busy making eight-legged trousers for Tickle right now. Octopuses are very clever. We should never eat them. Professor Tickle teaches night classes in the tree in a special classroom with a whiteboard. He knows everything there is to know about the natural world. He also loves poetry written by Owls, and only reads one human’s poems, a very special local human called Mr. P. Ingoldsby. Mr. Ingoldsby also speaks Owl and sometimes he shares Tommy’s gift and hears Mother Nature whispering on the wind. Mr Ingoldsby has a cat called Marvin. Marvin likes mouse flavoured ice cream, so Hannah stays far away from him.

Tommy Craggs

Tommy Craggs lives in a treehouse far, far away. He shares his treehouse with Hannah, the Mouse, and Greta the wise Screech Owl. Tommy can work magic with his hands. He has special powers to bring dead trees back to life with his creative carvings. Tommy is a warrior for Mother Nature and he can hear her whispering in the trees. One of Tommy’s best friends is the Kind White Witch who lives near his forest in a little cottage overgrown with special herbs for all types of natural healing medicine.

Flatso Ray

Flatso Ray is very busy all week trying to make his dream come true. He really wants to be a ballet dancer. His dream is to feature in Swan Lake, but he would like to rename it Ray Lake. He has no feet for those annoying ballet shoes, but he can fly high over the stage. He thinks this is much better. He loves John Dory. They are best friends. Flatso has a fear of batter and frying pans.

John Dory

John Dory is a flat fish and owns a dance school called ‘Strictly for Fishees’. His best friend is Flatso Ray. John Dory and Flatso are hoping to get married someday. Flatso is planning a very big wedding. He already has the luminous algae booked to light up the sea that night, and the flatfish quartet of the tree will sing love songs. They are very hard to book and only appear on nights when the moon is pink.

Willomena Webster, The Spider 

Willomena Webster is a big, black hairy spider with long pretty eyelashes. She updates the website of tree. Web design is her favourite pastime. She teaches humans sometimes but only if they like big hairy spiders. She helped Kevin Hughes to make this lovely website. He learned all he knows from her. Willomena wrote the note to Tommy that Katie the Bee brought to Farawayland. She was one of the founders of the WoodWideWeb.

The Other Residents of the Tree

Amy Frog and her husband Jodie Toad run the tree choir. Sometimes they wait until children are asleep, but you will hear this very rare choir in your dreams. 

Amber, Arron and Anya the three Angel Fish, from the Indian Ocean. They make delicate wings from golden seaweed.

Benjamin and Christopher Rabbit, the little rabbit brothers, practise jumping on their trampoline at Pat the Bat’s gym.

Billie, Willie and Lilly Leatherback, the turtle family from Mexico, have a taco van at the Wooden Bridge called ‘Happy In’.

Billy, Bo, and Bingo Barnacle run the Sunday night bingo in the tree.

Bim Bim the Hare runs the Haredressers in the tree. Bim Bim does not want Mikey the Skunk giving blow drys in her salon!

Brady the Goose from Greenland runs the Love Clinic in the tree but only from November to February. She moves her clinic to Greenland for the rest of the year.

Celeste and Luna, the Sparkly Starfish can grow new legs if a big mean shark bites one off!

Connie Fox and Margot, her baby sister, who she minds and teachers all her clever foxy tricks. Connie brushes Margot’s tail all day long. 

Curlywurly Curlew with the awfully long beak, whose nest is carefully wallpapered with Curly Wurly wrappers.  

Daisy, Maisie and Holly Scallop, the scallop triplets, have a small library in the tree. They give out seashells as library tickets. 

Dazzler the Common Dolphin, is at her happiest when she hears the laughter of children swimming in the sea.

Ellie Jelly the Eel runs the shoemakers shop on the tree. If you need jellyfish shoes, you can get them on www.eelsandheels.tree.

Eyebrow the Long-Eared Owl has a claw sanitising company in the tree trunk. It says ‘Don’t be a daw, wash your claw!’.

Giddyup the Seahorse takes swimming lessons every day at John Dory’s Dance School, as seahorses are very bad swimmers. 

Joe Crow is the DJ in the tree. He runs his own radio station, Joe’s Jolly Tunes on TreeFM. 

Kai the Sweet Dragonfly is a water-skiing champion because he can walk and skate on water.

Karl the Ozzie Oystercatcher is a whiz on the computer. He writes the tree newsletter with Wifi the Weasel.

Keith Kestrel loves the mountains. He organises long walks for humans, and guides them up waterfalls and down valleys. 

Laura Lobster runs a little beauty business called Nails, Tails, Paws and Claws.

Lisa Ladybird keeps a grammar book in her nest. She’s a bit of a swot. Her favourite things are full stops and commas.

Mia and Ria Squirrel have a detective agency in the tree. Mia takes the notes, Ria does all the investigating. If you need a detective, find them on www.etchasketchdetective.tree.

Mick Merlin drives a big van at night filled with all the tools needed to make wishes happen.

Monny Mole is the kindest little creature on the tree adored by all. She always has an apple tart in her oven and a key in her door.

Ms. Sliothar and Mr. Hurl. See if you can find them on the tree!

Pat the Fruit Bat runs the gym in the tree. Pat says if you repeat ‘I’m amazing’ three times when you drink his fruit juice you will be amazing.

Patricia and Pauline Pinch, the crab sisters. They have a cleaning company, and they only grant wishes to children who tidy their rooms.

Rosie the Strawberry Squid, who is covered in sparkly pink sequins, is in love with Professor Tickle and busy planning their wedding.

Sabine the Otter runs the cheese shop in the tree. She is a cheese expert and has been to Cheese University in Paris.

Sasha the Butterfly runs the dress shop in the tree. She often helps Willomena Webster mend her delicate webs.

Sebastian the Hawk flies high over Dublin Bay watching out for his dinner below.

Shivvvers and Wobbble the Jellyfish Twins, think it’s hilarious to sting you on the bottom. Watch out for them!

Splish Splash the Harbour Porpoise helps guide the fishermen in Howth Harbour if they can’t find any fish to catch.

Steve, Simo, Sam and Beshoff, the Flatfish quartet, try to avoid chip shops for health reasons. 

Stinky the Minke Whale’s big black eye peeps out on the tree and keeps an eye on the bay.

Stripe and Smelly the Badger Brothers, love hedgehog soup, so if you’re a hedgehog, stay away!

Tom, Tilly and Ted, the three baby turtles from Omey Island. Their favourite restaurant is The Allotment in St. Anne’s Park. 

Twister the Seashell makes the best award-winning 99’s in the whole world. He makes them on days when the rain is pink and rainbows are straight.

Whiskers the Grey Seal delivers his cockles and mussels every morning straight to Molly Malone’s cart.

Wifi the Weasel lives in the next branch to Willomena. He worries too much about everything!

Worms the Wren loves children…and worms. He only eats worms, not children.

Zubets the Ant can carry twenty times his own weight and can make ant rafts from his actual family if there is a flood.

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